Membership Criteria

Membership in EWNJ is open to executive-level women who wish to connect and collaborate across all sectors to share experiences, develop relationships, and build business.

All Candidates

  • Are recognized leaders in their field and have established a broad sphere of influence.
  • Will have at least seven years of managerial experience.
  • Will have a demonstrated leadership track record in civic and community activities within the last five years. It is highly preferred that candidates hold leadership roles in diverse community activities outside of their profession.
  • Can demonstrate a commitment to the mission of EWNJ.

Candidates currently employed by Large Corporations and Partnerships

  • Will occupy a senior executive position within the headquarters or major division, based upon the size and structure of the organization.
  • Will have broad strategic or managerial responsibility.

Candidates currently employed in Closely-Held Businesses

  • Will have directed the business full-time as the CEO or a senior level executive for at least one year.
    • Note: The business will have a minimum gross revenue of $3M for services or gross revenue of $5M in product sales.

Candidates currently employed in a Professional Services Firm

  • Will be a partner or the equivalent.
    • Note: Firm revenue must exceed $3M annually.
  • Will have demonstrated interaction at a senior level with the corporate/business community with significant clients served.

Individual Consultants or Sole Practitioners

  • Will direct the business full-time.
  • Will have been active for at least five years in the current business enterprise or have an established background in the same business or professional arena.
  • Will demonstrate interaction at a senior level with the corporate/business community.
    • Note: The consultant gross revenue must exceed $3M annually, with significant clients served.

Candidates currently employed by the Not-for-Profit Sector

  • Will be the Executive Director or, in a large not-for-profit organization, will hold a senior leadership role with significant strategic or managerial responsibilities.
  • Will be apart of an agency that demonstrates interaction with the corporate/business community.
  • Will be apart of an agency that serves a large number of clients and has a significant budget and/or scope of service.
    • Note: The organization will have an operating budget of $3M or larger.

Candidates currently employed at a College or University

  • Will be President, Vice President, Dean, Chancellor, Provost, Associate VP, Associate Dean, Associate Chancellor, Associate Provost, or Executive Director.
  • Will be Director and have a significant scope of responsibility.

Candidates currently in Political Office and the Government Sector

  • Will be Chief Executives of federal, state, or major city governments.
  • Will be Members of Congress or State Legislators.
  • Will be Cabinet members or hold equivalent positions with federal, state, or major city governments.
  • Will be County Commissioners, City Council members, or Township Managers of major cities.
  • Will hold other government positions that are comparable in scope to roles in corporations or professional firms.

Candidates who sit on a Corporate For-Profit Board

  • Will have an outstanding record of achievement and significant business or professional accomplishments comparable to that required in any of the sectors listed above.
  • Will demonstrate continuing, active participation in the business and/or civic community through membership in or leadership of civic and/or professional organizations.
  • Will have significant access to decision makers and those in roles of authority.

EWNJ Policy states that a retired executive is only eligible for membership if she has already been a member for at least five years. Once a member retires, she may assume Retired Member status in accordance with this policy.

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