April 1, 2021

Statement from EWNJ on the Rise in Anti-Asian American Hate Crimes

The Asian American community is facing two public health threats — the COVID-19 pandemic and an alarming rise in racial violence. In addition to dealing with the global health crisis, they must contend with fear for their safety. While not new, the surge in violence and bigotry directed at Asian Americans is due to fear and hatred stoked by racist and sexist public figures who malevolently exploited the pandemic to sow division. Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ) strongly condemns all forms of discrimination against Asian and Pacific Islanders (AAPI).

Research released by Stop AAPI Hate revealed that businesses are the primary site of discrimination and harassment for the AAPI community. Workplace discrimination was the 4th most cited form of harassment. The study also showed that women are most at risk, having reported more than double the amount of incidents than men.

At the heart of EWNJ’s work is equity, and we call on New Jersey companies to evaluate and strengthen their diversity, equity, and inclusion policies. Change begins with all of us and we all must do what is within our power to stand up against hate. It is unacceptable for Asian Americans or anyone else to feel unsafe or face threats, especially in the workplace. EWNJ will continue to advocate for a world that respects and values each other’s identities and backgrounds. We stand in solidarity with the Asian American community and are committed to doing our part to stop or prevent these acts of hate and violence. To learn more about ways to help, visit Stop AAPI Hate.

The Board of Directors
Executive Women of New Jersey