Since inception, EWNJ’s unique Graduate Merit Award Program has awarded over $1.2 million in scholarship assistance to non-traditional graduate school students attending New Jersey colleges and universities. EWNJ funds these exceptional women’s scholarships to ensure new generations of women leaders.

EWNJ defines a non-traditional student as the following:

  • A student who returns to her studies several years after receiving her undergraduate degree
  • A student who may have completed her undergraduate degree at a later date
  • A student that changed careers and is returning to school in the process of retooling their career
  • A student that comes from a non-traditional educational or socioeconomic background

The 2017 Named Awards are:

    • EWNJ President’s Scholarship awarded to Kiersten Frenchu, M.D., Robert Wood Johnson.
    • EWNJ Past President’s Scholarship awarded to Karen Hood-Kasim, Executive MBA, Montclair State University.
    • RWJBarnabas Health Women’s Leadership Alliance awarded to Sana Ahmad, M.D./Ph.D., Rutgers University.
    • Janssen Cardiovascular & Metabolism Award awarded to LaTasha Fraser, Ph.D., Biomedical Science, Rutgers University Newark.
    • PSEG Award awarded to Tania Feliz-Patron, Master of Education, Integrated STEM, The College of New Jersey.
    • STRIDES® Advancing Women in Business Award awarded to Paulina Krzyszcyk, Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University.

EWNJ has awarded scholarship grants of $5,000 to women at New Jersey institutions of higher learning.

Graduate Merit Award Program 2017 Scholarship Winners

  • Bridget Anton
    Master of Arts, Counselor Education, College of New Jersey
  • Tiara C. Brown
    Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Anne Michele Goldin
    Ph.D., Bilingualism and Second Language, Rutgers University
  • Grace Ibitamuno
    M.D./Ph.D., Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson
  • Francesca Jean-Baptiste
    MBA, Montclair State University
  • Elvira Kastratie
    MBA, Rider University
  • Samantha Selikoff
    Master in Engineering, College of New Jersey
  • Anna Slusarczyk
    MBA, Montclair State University

Graduate Merit Award Program 2016 Scholarship Winners

  • Asha Martin
    Doctor of Medicine, Rutgers Medical School
    RWJBarnabas Health Women’s Leadership Alliance and EWNJ President’s Scholarship
  • Kathleen Montgomery
    Doctor of Pharmacy & Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Fairleigh Dickinson University
    Janssen Cardiovascular & Metabolism Award
  • Maria Qadri
    Doctorate in Bio-Medical Engineering, Rutgers University
    PSEG Award
  • Demetra Murray
    Master of Science in Finance, New Jersey City University
    STRIDES® Advancing Women in Business Award
  • Jenna Breitinger
    Rutgers University, Doctorate, Physical Therapy
  • Mary Kate Collins
    Rutgers School of Law-Camden, Juris Doctor
  • Suepavade DeNardo
    William Paterson University, Master of Arts, K-12 Teaching, Biology Program
  • Jazmine DeWees
    Montclair State University, Master of Arts
  • Kelly Gentry
    Montclair State University, Doctorate, Counseling
  • Miriam Gerstein
    Rutgers University, Doctorate, Mathematics Education
  • Diana Gonzalez
    Rutgers University, Master of Arts, Education
  • Margaret MacGibney
    RWJ/Rutgers Graduate School of Education & Princeton University M.D./Ph.D., Medical & Health Professions
  • Sarah Misenko
    Rutgers University, Doctorate, Biochemistry
  • Evalyne Orwenyo
    Montclair State University, Doctorate, Social Work
  • Yacoba Vroom-Teschemaker
    Montclair State University, Master of Science, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry

Graduate Merit Award Program 2015 Scholarship Winners

  • Traci Ballou-Broadnax
    Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology, Doctorate of Clinical Psychology
    EWNJ President’s Scholarship
  • Philomena Chu
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Ph.D. in Plant Biology
    PSEG Award
  • Kate O’Neill
    Rutgers University, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering
    STRIDES® Advancing Women in Business Award
  • Elsayed Amira
    Rutgers School of Public Health, Masters of Public Health
  • Dania Goodin
    Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Medical Doctor
  • Kristen Harris
    New Jersey Medical School, Medical Doctor
  • Eleanor Ojinnaka
    Montclair State University, Masters in Chemistry
  • Melanie Pangilinan
    Montclair State University, Doctorate of Audiology
  • Susan Polkowski
    Rutgers University, Doctorate of Psychology
  • Hannah Simon
    Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Medical Doctor
  • Jacquelyn Suarez
    Rutgers University School of Law Camden, Juris Doctor
  • Nancy Tiffany
    College of Saint Elizabeth, Masters of Counseling Psychology